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Weaviate newsletter - Week 22

SeMI Technologies
SeMI Technologies
Dear Weaviate follower,
Welcome to the latest update from SeMI about the Weaviate vector search engine.
Weaviate Updates
📢 Java client v3.1 is now live – with bug fixes.
📢 Go client v4.1 is now live – with an update to nearText and bug fixes.
📢 JavaScript client v2.10 is now live – this is the first npm release since v2.3. Run npm i weaviate-client to update.
Don’t forget to ⭐️ Weaviate on Github here, we are this > < close to 2.5k⭐️
New podcast is available:
🎙 Weaviate Podcast #17 – Learn how to search through scientific papers to find evidence and ideas with Kyle Lo.
Something for you to read:
✍️ Ann benchmarks summary – last week we released a comprehensive ANN benchmark for Weaviate. In this article Connor shares his learnings on the topic.
Meet us at events
🎤 ODSC Europe – June 12-14 in London. Join Laura and Connor to learn more about Vector Search.
🎤 Dataday Texas – June 13 in Austin, Texas. Join Bob for Introduction to Vector Search Engines.
🤝 Meet us at Open Source Summit NA – June 21-24, Austin, Texas.
Other SeMI Updates
🎉 We are hiring – we have 3 engineering & 1 operations roles open. Join us!
Have a great week,

Connor Shorten
Which Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) benchmark do you find the most interesting? 🗳️

Each vote entry formatted as:
Dataset name (number of vectors, vector dim.)

For more info on what this is in reference to:
Stephanie Horbaczewski
I always learn from @CShorten30 @weaviate_io podcast! Great episode with @etiennedi about vector search-
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SeMI Technologies
SeMI Technologies @weaviate_io

SeMI Technologies is the company behind the Weaviate vector search engine

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