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Weaviate newsletter - Week 2

SeMI Technologies
SeMI Technologies
Hi everybody-
Some say that the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings’ Day, on the 6th of January is the last day to wish each other a happy new year. I won’t burn my fingers here, and I hope you have enjoyed your holiday.
Last newsletter, we announced the Binary Passage Retrieval and it is now ready for you to try out! If you are running large-scale use cases and need to reduce your resource requirements, definitely get more information about this:
📹 Binary Passage Retrieval in Weaviate (32x Memory Savings)
Besides this, Malte Pietsch, Co-Founder from deepset, is starring in our podcast:
📹 Weaviate Podcast #4: On deepset’s Haystack and how they leverage the Weaviate vector search engine.
Finally, for those interested in Data Science, join us this Friday for the Open Data Science event where Bob van Luijt is being interviewed. Enjoy and have a great week!
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Connor Shorten
Here are some thoughts on combining Weaviate and Haystack! 🧬

TLDR: Weaviate is a great Vector Search database which can be plugged into Haystack's pipelines for Retrieve-then-Read 🔌

Some ideas on Neurosymbolic Query Annotation below: 👇
Awesome Machine Learning Repositories
weaviate: Weaviate is a cloud-native, modular, real-time vector search engine
Lang: Go
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SeMI Technologies
SeMI Technologies @weaviate_io

SeMI Technologies is the company behind the Weaviate vector search engine

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