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Weaviate Newsletter - Meet Laura Ham

SeMI Technologies
SeMI Technologies
Hi Weaviate friends,
In this round, I would like to introduce you to Laura Ham. Laura has worked on Weaviate for over 5 years, and if you are using Weaviate for any projects, then there is a high chance that Laura touched your life.
Watch the following podcast with Laura and Connor – to learn more about her journey, her influence on Weaviate and the many great ideas she has.
Note, you can find Laura on Twitter at @laura_hamham – so give her a follow.
In the last few weeks, our dev team has published many updates. So, if you are using any of the below items, you should treat yourself to an update.
Language client updates
  • Javascript client v2.11.1 is released (notes)
  • Java client 3.2.1 is released (notes)
  • Go client v4.2.1 is released (notes)
  • Weaviate Python Client v3.7.0 (notes)
Module updates
  • T2V Transformers inference module v1.5.1 (notes
  • Multi2Vec CLIP inference module 1.1.3 (notes)
  • QnA Transformers inference module 1.4.1 is released (notes)
  • Img2Vec Pytorch inference module 1.0.1 (notes
Other updates
  • Weaviate Helm v14.4.0 (notes)

Connor Shorten
A short clip from the latest Weaviate podcast! 🎞️

Laura Ham (@laura_hamham) and I discussing the User Experience design of combining BM25 with Neural Network Retrieval models in Weaviate! 🎙️
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SeMI Technologies
SeMI Technologies @weaviate_io

SeMI Technologies is the company behind the Weaviate vector search engine

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