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By SeMI Technologies

SeMI Technologies is the company behind the Weaviate vector search engine

SeMI Technologies is the company behind the Weaviate vector search engine

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Weaviate Newsletter - Cross-encoders, GOMEMLIMIT and BetterFeedback integrates Weaviate

Hiiiiii Weaviate Friends!!!There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks. We have a few exciting blogs, podcasts and stories to share with you.Cross-encodersOur very own Laura Ham has been researching: how we could combine the power of cross-encoders an…


Weaviate Newsletter - Meet Laura Ham

Hi Weaviate friends,In this round, I would like to introduce you to Laura Ham. Laura has worked on Weaviate for over 5 years, and if you are using Weaviate for any projects, then there is a high chance that Laura touched your life.Watch the following podcast …


Weaviate Newsletter – Weaviate Documentation

Hi Weaviate friends,This week I'm working on learning how people use one of the most important access points to Weaviate, our documentation.For that purpose, I've designed a short survey – anonymous by default – to get more insights into the profiles of peopl…


Weaviate Newsletter - Weaviate 1.14 Release

Weaviate Updates🎉 Today's newsletter is all about the new Weaviate 1.14 release. This is the most reliable and observable Weaviate release yet!✍️ Read more about it on our brand new blog site.ClientsAll the language clients have been updated and are ready to …


Weaviate Newsletter - Issue #18

Dear Weaviate follower,Welcome to the latest update from SeMI about the Weaviate vector search engine.Weaviate Updates📢 Stay tuned, for the release of v1.14 Weaviate core, which focuses on Reliability (20+ bug fixes) and Observability (better monitoring for W…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 22

Dear Weaviate follower,Welcome to the latest update from SeMI about the Weaviate vector search engine.Weaviate Updates📢 Java client v3.1 is now live – with bug fixes.📢 Go client v4.1 is now live – with an update to nearText and bug fixes.📢 JavaScript client v…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 21

Dear reader,Welcome to this weeks newsletter containing many new updates and interesting links. There is something for everyone, enjoy!Weaviate Updates📣 New Benchmarking page - get an insight into Weaviate’s ANN performance for a variety of real-life use case…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 19

Dear reader,Welcome to this weekly update about the Weaviate vector search engine.Weaviate Updates🤫 The next release will be all about fixes.Other Weaviate News📣 We proudly present three assets to our advisory board, welcome Erik Bernhardsson, Sam Ramji and T…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 18

Dear reader,Hope you are doing well. With pleasure I share this weekly update.Weaviate Updates📣 Weaviate v1.13.0 is released, and it is packed with new features!📄 Main features: Sorting, Faceted Vector Search, Filtering by Timestamp, Batch Delete by Query.🙏…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 17

Dear Weaviate follower,This week I want to share a new podcast and some small updates... Enjoy :)Weaviate Updates🤫 Soon to come: Support Filtering by Timestamp and Batch-Delete by Query.Weaviate Podcast🎙 Weaviate Podcast #14: Yi-Lin Sung, Jaemin Cho and Mohi…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 16

Dear Weaviate follower,It is so exciting to see our community growing and we are grateful to have over 700 members in our Slack. Join us there too!Weaviate Updates📣 Weaviate 1.12.2 is released!📄 This release contains a number of fixes, read them here.Want to …


Weaviate newsletter - Week 15

Dear reader,I hope you are doing well. This week we have a newsletter full of inspirational links. Enjoy!Weaviate Podcast🎙A follow-up to Podcast #14, Data Science with Rick Lamers from Orchest, check out this demo from Rick on how to search through blogs!Othe…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 14

Dear community member,This week we present to you Weaviate v1.12.0 and more. If any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me!Weaviate Updates🎉 Weaviate v1.12.0 is released, you can download it from this page. 📄 Main updates are: Whole String Ind…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 13

Dear Weaviate follower, a humble update this week.Weaviate Podcast🎙 Weaviate Podcast #12: Super interesting podcast about Deep Learning with Jonathan Frankle, Research Scientist at MIT.Other Weaviate News📄 Jina AI + Weaviate = Efficient Data Storage in the Cl…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 12

Dear Weaviate follower, enjoy this week's newsletter!Weaviate Podcast🎧 Weaviate Podcast now available on Spotify! For those who would like to listen to podcasts wherever they are.⭐️ Extended due to success, our podcasts with partners and integrations!Han Xia…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 11

Dear Weaviate follower,Another update from SeMI about the Weaviate vector search engine.Weaviate Updates📢 Weaviate v1.11.0 is released, you can download it from this page. The Weaviate Cluster Service automatically makes the new version available.📄 Updates ar…


Weaviate Newsletter - Closed Series-A for $16M

Dear all,A huge step for Weaviate, open-source software, and SeMI. We closed our Series-A for $16M, led by the amazing New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Cortical Ventures (with the participation of Zetta Venture Partners and ING Ventures)! Whether you are a…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 7

Hi everybody,I hope you will enjoy the following updates.🎙The Weaviate Podcast #7 with Arvind Neelakantan Research Lead from OpenAI to discuss their new OpenAI Embeddings API.🎉 Website update! Not only is the domain name changed to weaviate.io, it is also eve…


Weaviate newsletter - Week 4

Hi all,Hope you are doing well. I want to send you a short email with links to some cool content. Regardless of your knowledge in vector search, these are fun to read/see/listen to.🎉 Release of v1.10.0! Theme: Quality of Life improvements. These improvements …


Weaviate newsletter - Week 2

Hi everybody-Some say that the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings’ Day, on the 6th of January is the last day to wish each other a happy new year. I won't burn my fingers here, and I hope you have enjoyed your holiday.Last newsletter, we announced the Binary…